Turnip Squid



I picked up a copy of Carcassonne at a thrift store earlier this week for two dollars. Yeah, you heard me right. Two dollars. I think the game retails for about thirty-five. I was all there in excellent condition. I was gald I got it before one of the eBay vultures got to it.

It's a great game. The only problem is, I don't speak French, so I don't know how to pronounce the name. So I've shortened the name to Carcass. I'm a genious.



Went to Jacob's surprise 16th birthday last night. Always fun. I made him a collage that I call 'In the Plaza of the Horned King'. Good stuff.

Got to see Mary and Kyle again there. Sometimes I forget that they're several years younger than me. I see everyone I know as equals. That could probably mess up a lot of things.

Also met some of his church friends ... Carmen and Lauren? I think that's right. They were nice. Carmen made me a grass ring that made me feel like I was in middle school again. No value judgement on that last statement, it just was. Lauren asked me to tell her a story (see above) so I told her the Kaluma-Kuay myth. It's funny how it keeps changing every time I tell it, as if it were a real myth, and yet I'm the one who invented it. I guess I keep trying to imporve it, because it still isn't very coherant - at least, not to me.

Cut myself again with the Xacto knife, pretty bad this time. You think I would learn from my mistakes by now. I hope it will heal on its own and doesn't need stiches. I'll take off the bandage later today and see how its doing. It surprised me how fast we learn to compensate. I only cut it yesterday, and already I'm typing with little difficulty.


Pontiki Pain

I bought a display set of 12 Pontiki on eBay last week. 'Display' meaning 'they're glued together so you can't take them apart like you're supposed to'. I was wondering why no one else was bidding on it. Anyway, I've been prying them apart with some success. I've lost a few of the smaller pieces and cut myself with the Xacto knife twice. But overall, if I get apart the last bits today, it will probably be worth it in the end.


MEATBALL: I think we might be wanted again. That's a good feeling.

BLORE: Strange ... where have we been all this time? Floating in the netherspace of the forgotten internet and imagination?

CATS: Aha! A new blog to take control of! I can hardly wait!

SHAKESPEARE: Shall my presence be requested as well?

BLORE: I don't think so. No one ever really liked you.


CATS: I will have to develop a new weapon to eliminate you once and for all.

MEATBALL: Yippee! What fun! I'm back and better than ever!

Space Ghost

I bought the complete season one of Space Ghost Coast to Coast for my friend for his birthday. We watched it yesterday -- all of it. I had no idea. Complete madness. It made me think, why can't I write TV shows like that? It reminded me of that blog I ran to get points in BlogNomic, Radio Game. It kind of made me want to start it again. Maybe we'll be seeing some visitors.



I was at UNC Discover Days yesterday and the day before. I met a lot of other acting majors, and they seemed pretty cool. I also got my schedule all worked out. Here's what I'll be taking next semester:

  • Acting Theory and Practice
  • Stage Speech
  • Orientation to Theatre Technology
  • Multiculturalism in the United States
  • Intro to Cultural Anthropology

I'm pretty exicted. IB will take care of a lot of the GenEd credit, so it paid off in the long run. I think I'll have enough space to pick up a minor, so I'm thinking writing. But that's down the road aways.



Picked up a great new game at the Treasure Trunk the other day. It's called Kensington. It's an abstract territorial strategy game that reminds me of a 20th century version of Nine Men's Morris. The board is based on an ancient Islamic pattern. I have yet to really submerge myself in the tactics, the first step would be to find a worthy opponent ... my mother, perhaps.



I'm being introduced to the wonders of MySpace. Well, not wonders, but something interesting to do. Like, just recently, I search for people who are interested in playwriting. I found one. I messaged her, and we traded plays. How cool is that? None of my close friends write plays, so to find someone else ... wow! It's neat.

Oh, on another note, my friend's band has a website now. I did the art for their CD cover. The Original Mr. Fix-It


New play in works

I'm working on a new short play, tentatively titled 'Storm'. I should be ready to write the second draft here pretty soon, and I'm very excited. It's about dolphins, which I've never seen, a beach, which I haven't been to in 12 years, and a ballerina, which I never was. Mmm. Fiction.

Also tossing around ideas for a new novel, or science fiction epic is probably the correct term. It tarted out as a small idea and then just kept getting bigger and bigger, which excites me. Maybe I'll save it for this November.


Ah summertime ... and shelves

It's summer now, time to chill, relax, and make shelves. Yes. I was at Goodwill yesterday and bought two sets of white laminate storage shelves (I don't know what laminate is, but I think it is what the shelves are made out of, like carbonate). They didn't have any screws, but I happened to find some that worked. I put them together with my bare hands ... and a screwdriver. I felt so masculine and resourceful after using tools. Today's project is taking things off my floor and putting them onto the shelves.