Turnip Squid


Three Week Anniversary

Yes, it's hard to believe, but the day is finally here. This whole art movement idea started as an innocent discussion between myself, Rhema (she commented a while back), and Joia (who we have yet to hear from). It wasn't a joke, although it might have been recieved as one, but I knew in the back of my mind I actually wanted to do it. I mean, how cool would it be to start an art movement? Frickin' awesome.

Yeah, anyway, you can probably tell I'm concentrating on other things right now. I'm halfway through a two-week playwriting workshop and my play is taking up about three-fourths of my brain right now. But, I'm committed to writing a post every day. I'm glad you could join me.


A Little Break

I don't really have anything to say today. Just that I think it's time we got some people together on a mailing list or something and start working this out. But where to find them? Once we get started, people who are interested will come to us, but how do we get the initial group to come to us? If there's anyone out there, please feel free to email me if your interested in joing my new (albiet currently ambigous) movement.


A Thought

Art has to be about something, right? It doesn't neccesarily have to present any solutions, but it should at least raise an issue or present an idea.

So how about this: a debate in the form of art. Here's what I mean. If all art raises an idea, then you create a piece with an idea, and that is your opening argument. Then, if other artists agree with you, then can let it be. But, if someone doesn't agree with you, they can create  their own piece in response to yours. This can go back and forth, branching off and switching artists, if the whole community of the movement is involved.

So, for example, I could create a short story that presented some sort of idea. One of my artist friends agrees with me partially, but not entirely, and creates a painting to convey his position. Another artiost in the community disagrees with me completely, and writes a song about his point of veiw. Meanwhile, someone else is working on a play in response to my friend's painting.

I'm just saying. Wouldn't it be cool? Just a little bit?


Group of Seven

Today's lesson is a very simple one, taken from some Canadian artists called the Group of Seven: you only need seven people to have an art movement.


Pop Art

I love what Pop Art was trying to do. Believing that abstract art was too esoteric, the Pop Artists decided to make mass-producable art for the common man. (Not to mention it was related to Dada! Hooray!)

This is a commendable goal, but we need to take it a step further. We need to have a movement that is available to the common artist. Everyone who creates art, in whatever form (painting, writing, music, what have you) should be able to have some part of our movement. This way, we will encourage growth of all aspiring and existing artists.


A Quote

Here's a really interesting quote from Edward Gorey, an author and illustrator I've been studying.

"I have a dumb theory that a creative piece of art is only interesting if it purports to be about something and is really about something else ... in other words, I take some sort of given, but by the time I'm finished with what I wanted it to be about, what I really wanted it to be about has crept into it."

What I think Gorey is saying here is that in order to make art interesting, the artist starts out envisioning one end, and when it is finsihed that is still true, but other elements have seeped in through the subconcious to give the piece another layer.

If we can do this, we're set.



I've been familiar with Dada for quite some time now, actually. I think it's fascinating. It sort of strikes me as what I'm trying to do now (the name was chosen randomly out of a dictionary), except more anarchistic. It was the predecessor to Surrealism, which is also really cool. They also did have a purpose: "The Dada artists were actually fuelled by disillusionment and moral outrage at the unprecedented carnage of World War One."

The problem lies in that they were trying to create anti-art. Which is acceptable, I guess, but defeats the purpose of an Art Movement in the first place.

Lessons: You can start an art movement just for the sake of starting one, but it won't go anywhere unless you have some sort of goal or idea.



Ah, the wonders of the Internet. I can get information on any subject in the fraction of a second. Here's some links I found:

As I peruse these short explinations, I see some common threads emerging. In fact, I think we can categorize Art Movements by these five categories: method, look, subject, idea, and media.

Media, method,  and look are all closely related. By media I mean, of course, the type of art used to express the movement. More often then not, this is painting. But a few movements have expanded into sculpture, architecture, film, etc. By method I mean a new way to use an existing media, like pointilism or (to a lesser extent) fauvism. Look is either a byproduct of method, or a purposly new look. Using pointilism obviously created a new look, but the movement was based in the method. Art Deco, on the other hand, was based in the new look.

Subject is usually less important, and depends on the personal preferences of the artists participating in the movement. For example, the impressionist artists preferred to paint landscapes and scenes from everyday life, but this was not what the movement was about. However, the Ash Can School and futurism were based in a completely new subject matter.

Idea is where the differences start to appear. An idea could be a reaction to another movement, but it usually turns into some idea that the artists are trying to promote. Pop Art started as a reaction to abstract painting, but turned into a movement to 'bring art back into the daily life of people'.

I haven't had a chance to look at that third site yet, so I'll be looking at that for more detailed explinations of interesting movements. I don't claim to be any sort of art expert, but these five categories will help myself and others who may join me define our movement.


So it Begins

I'm going to start an Art Movement. I don't know  how, I don't know why, but it's going to happen.

I don't really even know that much about Art, or even what an Art Movement consists of. It just struck me as something I'd like to do.

So, over the next few days and weeks, I'll be reserching, coming up with ideas, and charting my progress here. You can come along and watch if you'd like.